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What to do when you get your Protel PBX

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When you get your new Protel PBX and unpacked it

When you first get your Protel PBX from nexMatrix Telecom, you will need to open the box of course but what's inside is covered as well as what you'll need to do when you first plug in your box. You get a small box, 13x13x6 via FedEx or UPS and you'll open the box and find the following:

1) Warranty Information in a 6x9 envelope
2) User Administration Manual (4 pages)
       - Contains the name and password for the user administrator
3) User Extension manuals
       - Depending on model will depend on the number of manuals
4) The System Administrator Manual
      - Your passwords and logins are on the 2nd to last page
5) Brochures
6) Keys to unlock the case to wall mount (depending on model)

When you first startup your PBX

You will need to hook up a monitor and keyboard, a mouse is not needed, the power cord and power cube (depending on model). When the system first boots up for the very first time, you'll need to login and change the IP to a Static IP address, or find the IP address after logging in and do an ipconfig, which will give you an IP address as shown below:

The IP address of this box is You will now go to the PBX from a browser on your network and type in the address to reach the Protel PBX. Once you are in, you will log on to the PBX using the same name and password as you used to login to the PBX to get the IP address.

First thing to do

When you first log in, you will want to make certain you have all the latest updates on the PBX. You do this by clicking the version control tab and then clicking check your version and if not up to date, click Update PBX and your PBX will be updated. When you first start the PBX, you may need to run the update several times and it is recommended that after each you check the version again until both your Protel PBX and the update server match.

Remember, you have 1 year of updates on the new Protel PBX and we recommend that you update these regularly to get updates and enhancements.

See the article on keeping your Protel PBX up-to-date.

Paper manuals

You should give each user an extension user manual when you train them on the telephone usage. User administration should be provided to the individual(s) on site when you do your training.

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